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When can I go Dominator?

Similar sure, but my Team ferocity was like 3077/2517/3248.

A L30 legendary is typically around 2300. Can you squeeze one in, sure. Two will get a lot tougher.

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Here, let me just quickly throw you the lineup I had for the first Dominator finish.

That got me double Dominator in the Armormata week. The following week, I made Dominator again without having to stay up overnight with the only addition being Eudimorphodon 10. The week after that I did it again with the same lineup. I think we can both agree that your lineup already looks better than this.


Wasn’t the Nodo and mosa tourney the 7 day ones? And then the next tournament a 4 or 5 day tournament?

Didn’t really matter. The Armormata tourneys ended up requiring over 1500 trophies each, which is 3000 trophies over 7 days which isn’t too far from normal tourney requirements. Especially considering all the daily events I also needed my dinos for. And the next one was 4-day Sinoceratops which I completely aced, went to sleep on the last night with like 1650 trophies at Dom 60, pretty safe to say I would’ve made a 3-day tourney with that pace regardless

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Dear @Raptor43577, this is winnable for sure though u say… but even if i won a match, i remind you i do not own 50k bicks to speed my dinos out…

And i noticed the issue that when i put not very strong dinos, there are crazily strong dinos amd when i put them stronger?, well, they suck

How could have won the last one? Well, tell me

are both these predator? Ive never done the 1st photo’s strategy so not sure how id be treated. but if the second was predator, from my experience i just quit if i find it too hard. that for me id probs still try to finish and maybe win that.

Edit: actually i just saw the bot’s lead and now im not sure.

If you softlock that presto with eolam, you should have just enough to knock it in 6 (would be five but shield) but then you’d need to have rexy go for 4 block, soft lock until you beat metri, and then finish off Osta after that. It’s a lot of luck, but totally possible

This one might not have been as hard, but this is was still difficult.

Reserved up, swapped to Segno after Tap maxed out on attack (went 5 out of 5), went for 4 attack to bring it down so that Troo went 4 and left himself open, revenge killed with rexy, left 3 for Troo to finish of Mata, and the rest is pretty simple

Difficult yet doable, just find the holes in the AI and stop at nothing to exploit them

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@Therizino2.0 explain why you brought level 1 fodder with level 30 legendaries. When I said level 30 legendaries work, I meant 3 creatures around level 30 legendary ferocity. Of course you can’t win with 2 level 30 legendaries and a level 1

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That first match is not winnable unless you get the 3 attack 1 block loop going. It would probably take 30 minutes to finish though, lol.

I had a very similar match

And boom!

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hey guys do yous think that my lineup influenced AI bots to make them really strong, now that Ive increasd my lineup? I just found them a lot more difficult now for some reason.

PvE yes, in Tournaments no.


Glad to see it worked out for you man

I think it’s this tournament. I’m fighting impossibly hard matches too. I’m still winning because now my teams are all well over 3000 AFS, more like 3500, but I’m pretty sure the lineups I took to Dom in previous tourneys wouldn’t survive here at all.

Ok, maybe I wasn’t clear enough before. When I said level 30 legendaries can potentially survive in Dominator, I meant individual dinos, not teams. The team as a whole still needs to be above 3 VIP 10s in average ferocity. You see how you got away with 2 level 30 legendaries if you tack on an Ostapo? That’s typically a limit test in Dominator. Also, when I said this team works, I didn’t say it always works. You’re gonna have matches where the opponent lead is a monster VIP 40 that oneshots your lead and you just want to die. That happens. But I can guarantee that if that VIP 40 was in the second or third slot you’d have a much better chance of winning. Again, limit testing involves lots of luck, don’t expect it to work every time.

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Yooo I have to say I love all the advice from everyone and every bit was heaps helpful but holy faeces thanks to your step by step explanation earlier, ya boi’s got dominator first time. cheers man!


Did it! :raised_hands:

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Told you you could do it

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