When can it be considered late game?

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why is that?

I don’t have an answer… But I will offer some symptoms of late game:

Exhibit 1:

As you can see here…there are 10 days left and not a single event was completed.

Exhibit 2:

As you can see here…same.



I consider it to be when you hatch Indoraptors.


For me, it’s when your top lineup is made of about 75% to 100% Tourney Hybrids, S-Hybrids, Legendary Hybrids, and VIPs.

For example:

Basically once Tourney dinos are just a collection goal because of how weak they are vs your top roster, is when you’ve reached the late game.


Back in December, the Community had a discussion about late-game

And @Sionsith laid out his thoughts here

While none of this is set in stone, these are great places to start wondering about your status as late/end-game

Edit: Among the regulars, I would definitely consider @Sionsith , @Tommi , @Lora_Green , @DantheMan to be late-game. There are probably more, but those are the ones that spring to mind.

I do not consider myself to be one because all of my cooldowns are still under a day so I don’t have to worry about having enough creatures to do certain events.


I kind of agree with Timmah. After you make indoraptor. At this point you start to get funneled into making Tourny hybrids and sDNA hybrids to deepen your lineup.

But with that being said the “late game” path is not linear by a long shot. Would have more of an exponential curve, time it takes vs “late game progression”

In the end you are just leveling up and adding more of the very best creatures and it takes a long time with really no actual “game progress” There is nothing any of the very very late game players can do that I can’t and it might actually be the other way around as I won’t be bound as much by cool down times.

Just my take on it… for now, i reserve the right to change my opinion later but only after i realize i’m wrong.


I think you did a really good job with your response @Andy_wan_kenobi, especially where you incorporated previous posts on this subject.

I feel a little compelled to add to this discussion, because this always interests me.


In the lack of a definition from Ludia, a “late game,” or an “end game” player (whichever term you want to use) is subjective and up to the community to determine/speculate upon.

And given that what makes a “late game” player is basically up to us to decide, I’m not trying to tell anybody that they’re not one with this post… But I will share my thoughts as to what I think it is. You don’t need to agree with me here; in fact, I’m quite interested in what other people think on this subject.

The basics:

I would say some basic qualifications include the following:

1) Max Level

2) All missions completed

3) Everything unlocked (all creatures, max park cleared out, etc)

4) Indoraptor is unlocked and incorporated into the lineup

These are sort of the “basic,” requirements to get into the “late game” arena to me, but still not everything that it takes to become a late game player.

Advanced definition:

To take it a step further into the qualitative realm, I’d say a late game player should have a line up capable of comfortably finishing in Dominator in every tournament… Meaning that the player doesn’t need to spend a ton of bucks to burn through cool-downs in their lineup to “make it work,” to finish in Dominator. The player’s line up should also be capable of completing any event.


It’s also okay to max out a bunch of creatures if it “breaks,” your lineups balance, granted a late game player should fully understand this concept. Basically a late game player should not be somebody that has broken the balance of their lineup up by mistake and as a result they can no longer complete events. This is a correctable issue though, as players can sell off higher level creatures to reinstall balance again.

New Stuff:

Not everything has to be unlocked all of the time to be a late game player… Obviously it takes some time to unlock and/or max new creatures, so it’s not like the release of a new creature automatically sets someone back to not being a late game player. Most late game players innately go after these new creatures right away anyway. Perhaps after a certain period of time elapses to where these creatures are no longer “new,” then maybe this could cause a late game player to start lagging behind a little bit— But it’s nothing they can’t correct in the future by eventually unlocking these new creatures.

Completion vs “Late Game”:

Finally a late game player is not the same thing as a completionist. For instance, I seek out to max every creature in the game— but many late game players choose not to max every creature to maintain balance in their lineups. It’s completely fine for a “late game” player to do this in order to set themselves up to complete events easier.

Hopefully you guys found this to be insightful… This post wasn’t an all-encompassing list either, as I tried to avoid some redundancy for things that have already been mentioned in this thread. And my goal with this post wasn’t to sway anybody to my side- But just to share my thoughts on the subject.


So…I’m a late game too😅


Thank you guys

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No problem, brother… How far along are you in this game, if you don’t mind me asking?

Can you Get Me on your team my name is Jase

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There are no teams in JWTG, are you looking for JWA which does have that functionality?


Not sure what category I am in…


I’d say late game.


@OstaposaurusBae right on :point_up:t3:


I don’t know if you can consider yourself a late game player - due to a slightly low DNA count… :face_with_hand_over_mouth: