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When can we expect tenontosaurus to be available on the map

I been waiting for this Dino to be released into the wild for a long time.
I only get dna from event strikes or the sanctuary, when will be around on the map to dart?


Next week lol


That’s only for the event I meant like all the time around the map

Oh idk then

It actually used to be found in the wild, until around the time Tenonotorex got buffed and more or less resembled the monster it is now I believe.

For that reason, I’m fine with it being exclusive only, but it would be nice if it showed up a little more often in the weekly events.

Was park creature, before they made it exclusive.

And before that it was area 3 only in the wild.

Right. Forgot that. Was in zone 3 from start until rotations started. Almost forgot it was in zone 3.