When challenge cards given (after dice roll) put hero's shrunken avatar on card, in bottom right

So the scenario is you complete a challenge and presumably you have defeated at least 1 of the 3 bosses. You then tap to roll 1-3 die. You are then presented with the results of the die roll. Gear, Gems, Coinage. When the gear is presented you NO idea who that gear is for (unless you have a great memory, which I don’t). So it would be nice when the gear card is presented, maybe in the bottom right corner (or elsewhere, just as long as we know who the card belongs to) you could have a shrunken head shot of the hero to which this gear belongs to.

This shrunken head shot overlay could also be used on the chest opening summary screen. Especially if you eventually get rid of all the taps required to collect goodies from a chest, before the “collect” button appears at the bottom of the chest summary screen. Food for thought.

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Completely agree, could even be the character name. So many times I’ve looked at something and thought it was for one hero but it was for another (usually some kind of heavy armor).

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I second this.
150x Common armor. Apprentice Singlet.
Sure but too bad it doesn’t tell me who it’s for. Is it for a wizard? Oh wait, it has the word “sing” in it so it’s for a bard!. Nope, turns out it’s for a rogue. Players with language barriers may be confused in this situation.
Definitely want some indication as to who the gear is for when I pick it. Like how it shows you in shops when you are about to purchase an item. The person’s portrait shows up in the corner.

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Hey everyone, once you tap on the gear, you should be able to see which hero it is for. If you tap on the “x” icon on the right side, you’ll be able to return to the reward selection menu. I hope that helps!


@Ned the hero does not appear when you tap. Only the description of the item.

Hey Fasdf, the hero should appear at the bottom right corner.

@Ned my bad you are right.

That said, it would be cool if on the info of the challenge (when you see the 20 options) we could see the hero when tapping, not only the description. See screenshots below:

image image

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Noted. Thanks for the suggestion! :smiley:

I will admit that I never noticed this either. I was too busy looking at the cards and not below. I agree as well that it should be shown in the list of 20 before choosing which challenge to fight. It would help decide which dungeon you wanted to fight in if you knew who you could win gear for