When comparing armour stats, don't compare against my hero's naked state, compare against what I'm wearing right now

As per the subject I want to know if what I’m about to put on is better than what I’m already wearing. Not what my stats would be if I was naked. That doesn’t give the player a good comparison of how good/bad the new gear will be for us.

When I tap on different gear pieces I get a +/- number next to the value, showing the increase/decrease given by equipping this gear piece. Are you seeing something different on this page?

Here’s an example I found:

Yes the +/- is fine, but those number are based on you having taken off the gear you are currently wearing and putting on the new gear, from scratch. It isn’t comparing gear to gear, as worn. I hope that makes sense. If it doesn’t I’ll grab some screenshots later, to illustrate my point.

@CartBlanche the +/- shows the difference with the selected item if you apply the pending upgrade (i.e. you can upgrade that particular item). If there is no pending upgrade for the selected item, the +/- shows the difference with the equipped item. At least it is what I believe it works.

Mine definitely shows the difference between what I am wearing and what I am looking to put on.

You can tell this is true because if you highlight a weaker piece of gear you get negative numbers. I don’t think putting on gear would make you weaker than naked. At least I haven’t heard of any cursed gear in this game yet

I highlighted the same gear while wearing two different pieces of gear and took screenshot. If it was showing stat increases from naked it should show the same increase no matter what I was wearing, which it does not. It shows that if I put on the legendary instead of the epic I would get an attack increase of 14. If I did it while wearing the common I would get an increase of 32
Either way it would take my attack to 430, but the +/- is definitely in regards to what I am already wearing

image image

Take a look here I’m wearing Epic armour

It says my stats are…
Atk 349
Health 2005
AC 281
Damage 534-800

Now let’s compare those stats to my Rare which I’m NOT wearing

Atk 331
Health 1806
AC 259
Damage 507-759

All those stats in the 2nd picture show a green increase and that is totally incorrect, If you compare both sets of stats. The ONLY way I can think that it can be green, is if it has taken off my Epic armour and calculated the Rare stats from some kind of base value. Maybe naked, maybe not.

Note: I’m not wearing the Rare, just tapping it to see how it would compare to the Epic. This is the scenario I’m talking about in my OP.

It show a green arrow because your gear isn’t upgraded and can be upgraded once you upgrade it you would see if it an increase or not as it should

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In the first picture the piece you are wearing gives you 349 attack

In the second picture the piece you are wearing gives you 331 attack. I can’t tell from the picture but whatever other piece you have highlighted would give you 8 more than what you are wearing at the moment

Good point. But when I’m comparing I just want to see how good this item is compared to what I’ve already got on. So I’d suggest that you show me the upgrade stats when I’m actually in the upgrade screen. 2 different contexts requires 2 bits of information, IMO.

Ok Dev staff, Korn nailed it. The issue is that when an item needs upgrading it is showing me the upgrade info and NOT what I’m comparing against. Therefore it looks odd/wrong and is confusing. Please consider putting the upgrade stats in the actual upgrade screen, so that stats can be compared easily.