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When did Diplodocus start spawning in the wild?

My girlfriend saw a wild Diplodocus down someone’s long driveway while we were at the back of a park tonight. When did this start spawning in the wild? I thought it was 100% tournament or event exclusive?

I’m not even sure if Ludia knows what the current hybrid pursuit is. One time it says Diplodocus but has image of Diplocaulus, and then their twitter says it’s Diplocaulus, but people report finding Diplodocus.


This is Ludia we’re talking about. They don’t know what they’re doing.

Proof reading is rocket science to them.


I thought the hybrid pursuit was this thing? That’s what my in game newsfeed is showing.


Until earlier today, news feed showed this.

Diplodocus was spawning as part of the mess. Apparently they only fixed the graphic!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Shhhhh don’t tell them. We all know this one is preferred. Ludia you can keep this bug going lol.


don’t report this fail, we all can finally get some good DNA


Yeah they need to worry about 1.9 not which pursuit is going xD Don’t worry Ludia we can bare this one while you work on the patch stuff.

In seriousness it is the better pursuit and I’m sure no one minds this at all.




@Ned it’s your turn to come and say that diplodocus doesn’t spawn in the wild :rofl:


I encountered one yesterday. Quite hard to dart.

Should be corrected now, Tenterro.

Please let me know if you’re still seeing any issues. :sweat_smile:

I dont see any chilli that is outside its zone. So i will assume it is not happening, until somebody comment here that he/she see the paradox chilli spawn. Till then, enjoy the diplod while we still can guys. Lol

I just saw a wild diplodocus this morning

I didn’t think Ludia messed up the pursuit. I figured there was lack of communication with a migration and releasing event locked dinos or something. I wish I was able to get it yesterday.

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If they want to let people open some scents just don’t fix it, but whenever they fix it plz let them announce it at once to not let people waste their epic scents.


Diplocaulus-Diplodocus close enough :joy:


Threads like these always make me think of the kid who tells the teacher they forgot to give out homework, just as the bell rings.

Some people just need to learn to enjoy the good things in life.


It wasn’t supposed to. I got to dart two of them. x3

Like I said, I didn’t know Ludia messed up and I thought it was a lack of communication from Ludia with a migration or releasing it into the wild.

I wasn’t the teacher proofreading the picture in the news feed for spelling errors, incorrect dinosaur names, or pictures.