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When did tenontosaurus leave the park exclusive?

I just shot a tenontosaurus in the wild in the middle of town.

When did it get released from the parks?

What went in its place?

Tenonto spawns at banks too if i remember right. Though one of them is a bit clumsy and spawns further from a bank nearby almost every night, or sometimes it’s an Edmontosaurus.


Let’s hope he leaves the park for good in 1.9

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Unless he’ll become global, Ludia might just shove it into L2… And I’ll have a difficult time obtaining Tenontorex.

I would love to see tenonto leave parks. My odds of getting quetzal from them will drastically increase if that happens!


I went to my local park and got a Tuojiangosaurus. Appreciated, but not what I was looking for. Mostly my park spawned the common crocs.

Oh I thought if it was in a park you couldn’t get it anywhere except the park. I thought they were locked in the parks.

It was at a bank for the record.

Nest Spawn.

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