When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth: A Brickfilm

Dinosaurs rule the earth !!! I am making a brickfilm about dinosaurs and not just that…wait till you read the plot.

“When the Empire finds a strange new world and after scans show nothing of threat, they decide to send a small squad without much, if any weapons to investigate. But when a certain Tyrannosaurus shows up, Clone Commander CT 7777, aka Clone Trooper Tops, knows he must protect these creatures who helped his men long ago - during the age of the Republic.”

So now you know its Star Wars. I will soon be working on a small teaser for this show. I won’t mind suggestions either.


Also @anon52700103 should there be Captain Rex :t_rex: or maybe Commander Cody ?


rx story is already pretty set in stone, commander cody is a cooler and more interesting choice


Imagine Cody taking on a seven foot Tyrannosaurus Rex lol


I’m still thinking of what dinosaurs should I add to the cast. I’m thinking of building a brick built Iguanodon and adding a Dilopho or something. Any other suggestions ?


Herrerasaurus, struthiomimus, utahraptor, spinosaurus, not a dino but dimetrodon



I will be testing filming the teaser this weekend. I’ll build the set tomorrow.

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So the original intention for the promo was Rexy roaring but that changed today. Hoping to do testing soon



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Ah ha with a simple editing app I did this :partying_face:

I’ll do some more testing soon.

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That creature is an Iguanodon :joy:

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So even though I haven’t started anything yet, I’m still getting more and more characters in the film. Not too sure when I’ll start filming yet.

Here is a list of the confirmed characters however:

Jurassic World
4. Maisie Lockwood ( since she’s coming with Blue and Beta in the LEGO set I am going to purchase on April 17th I figured why not add her in )
5. Quetzaloacoatlus

Star Wars

  1. Clone Commander Tops ( Original Character )
  2. Clone Commander 7777 ( Original Character )
  3. Purge Squad 99 ( Original Characters )
  4. Potent 89 ( Original Characters )

Cars 2
I do believe I owe you all an explanation for this one. I’ve been getting into the Cars franchise recently, especially Cars 2 ( who doesn’t love an action packed spy film lol ). So far there’s only one confirmed character:

Cars 2

  1. Finn McMissile

That’s it for now. I will continue expanding the storyline over the coming months.

Stay tuned to this space for updates !!!


Hii guys !!!

So I hope to start progress on the teaser soon, after the LEGO Blue and Beta arrive. Looking forward to it.

If you guys have any suggestions on what I can use to smoothen my brickfilm let me know thankssss !!!

Now I’m facing sort of a complicating issue with the plot lol. :sweat_smile: I don’t know how it should go, a spy thriller or a rescue mission of sorts.

If you guys have suggestions please let me know :smile:

I’ve decided to base the plot around a spy theme- sort of after watching or hearing the Cars 2 deleted scenes. Not really too sure how it’ll go, it will most likely change along the way :smile:

Also, here’s the first sort of official promo for the brickfilm ( done after I got the Blue Beta yesterday lol )

Its actually more of a promotion for Jurassic World Dominion. And I forgot the name of the brickfilm and thought it was “Life Finds A Way” :joy: Enjoy ! :t_rex: :sauropod: