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When do u fix insta shield 2 turn?

It’s getting really boring, especially with diora and his 30% strike chance, rampage removing dodge… it’s boring


It’s not a bug. You can’t expect it to be fixed soon. All you can do is to ask for a nerf


Yeah, it’s not a bug. But I think there’s a fix in making it only block one attack instead of two. Instant invincibility used to only block one attack before, so why not now?


Because it counts user turns and not the turn it was thrown up. It also needs to block 4+ attacks or else it won’t work in raids


It is intentional. They just messed it up. Either revert it back or remove the priority from shields.

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They could have given critters different versions of the same attack for pvp / pve. But instead they brought a lot of stuff to arena, including stuff that does absolutely nothing but extend the match (text pouring over critters, telling you what it debuffs including taunts, or the taunt ring itself).

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Instant invincibility only blocks 2 attacks right now, so if their intention was to block four attacks in a raid, they kind of dropped the ball.

No it blocks 4 attacks in a raid, I’ve been trying to catch vids for a while now but iOS screen recording is meh. Your thinking of turns

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No, I’m not

If it does block four attacks in raids, that would suggest that they can separate raid and arena effects, at least to some extent. So the arena version could theoretically block one attack while allowing the raid version to block four.

i’ve definitely seen IIT block 3 attacks in a raid. it may be easier to get a good number of chances for it to happen against the smilo boss.

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My sources say otherwise

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In arena it can block 3 attacks. How to: Use Utarinex, hit the II shield once, then rampage and run into a draco. All 3 attacks will not put a dent in Ardentis (nor in Tryko).

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Lol, can’t argue with that. Looks like they have to update their attack description.

I have to say, I do like using it as Maxima because it allows you to take an action while being protected. Before it was basically just a stall or a way to block a single powerful attack. But man is it annoying to fight against if you can’t break shields.