When do we get a shot at Brachiosaurus?


Just wondering if and when we will get a shot at brachiosaurus, besides getting lucky and getting some DNA outta an incubator???


It’d be nice…Canadian-only Apple store event was a bit of a gesture but everyone I know who plays this game couldn’t be bothered to drive SEVERAL HOURS out to somewhere that MIGHT have had one.

So if it was a hassle for us “lucky” Canucks, I can only imagine how other regions feel about it. Not everyone is privileged to live in a favourable location nor go out of their way for time/fuel specifically for a game.


This is actually the last dino I need to “discover” so it is frustrating


exactly what i mean i wish they would at least make her one of the weekly dinos so everyone has a better opportunity to get her dna…


Same. Hopefully we’ll see them soon.


They said she was limited time exclusive before she goes global. It’s just a matter of time and I would think not much more time at that.


I just splashed out on the incubator since it had a guaranteed Brachiosaurus. I also seem to remember getting some T.rex DNA but other than that the rest was pretty forgettable, seeing as I’ve forgotten what they were. :laughing:

She’s a lot like Giraffatitan not surprisingly. She’s faster, 111 to Giraffatitan’s 107 with lower crit chance (5% instead of 10%). I’m not sure about health and damage though as the differences in my dinos could be down to level difference (Brachio is 11, Giraffa is 9).


My brother and I did a friendly battle (he got the Brachiosaurus, I had the Giraffatitan). Both 26 in friendly battle. I won, with a decent health margin.


I just checked the battle calculator which lists all the dinos and their stats at level 26. The Brachiosaurus has more health and damage than the Giraffatitan but not by much. Both have the same move set - Superiority Strike, Bellow and Rampage.


i really just hate having that empty card at the bottom of my deck