When do we get incubator from tournament?

Did I miss it? I battled my way up to over 2500 trophies. Yes, I know. Not much. But my goal was to be included.

So I know as soon as I battle again, I’ll most likely be knocked back down below 2500 at least temporarily. So I’ve been holding off. But it’s now late Tuesday and still nothing.

So how long am I supposed to wait without any incubators going?

It’s usually a few days, I think last time it was almost a week.

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0 amount of time - this is not necessary.

battle away, e-katerina.

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I totally missed the bottom part of the question. The incubator comes in the in-game mail and it doesn’t tell on a free incubator slot.


The reason I’m waiting is because the number indicating placement has not changed in the past month. So I am not completely trusting that I will be included until the prizes are distributed. That’s why I wanted to know when this will happen.

I’m building my team up in the meantime. My suchotator is up 2 more levels and about to be a 3rd. Got my 1st legendary (not through the purchase) and working on leveling her up, etc.

They screenshot placements when tournament ends. You are fine to continue battling.

Usually by Friday week of tourney ending(they usually end early in the week). Don’t worry about not battling as soon as the timer is over I wait an extra hour(just to be sure) and then back in arena, have never missed prize from battling after tourney ends!!!

Worried over nothing. I guess leveling up a few key dinos and putting in a legendary helps you do better in battles?

I might have to try doing the same the next time I get into a new arena.

How can you tell?

Because I won most of my battles in the new arena instead of being immediately knocked back down.

There is also a larger possible point gap in this arena. (Although I was battling 250+ gaps prior for a while due to a bug, now fixed.) So was expecting to get squished.

This is not the first time I noticed that if I take a break from battling, the subsequent matchups are more equal.

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I meant how can Christopher tell Ludia takes screenshots off leaderboards

They announced it back in one of the tournaments. I don’t remember which one, but they will post screenshots of top 3 and top 500 too.