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When do we think update 2.8 will be

The last few updates have been fairly underwhelming but promising, I just wanna know when the next is

2.5: New features such as badges and new achievements

2.6: Rare raids, Continental creatures (Worst as my opinion)

2.7: New apex, flocks etc.

The 3 updates I listed were good but how are they underwhelming.

Also I think the 2.8 may launch late June in my opinion.

Looking at the datamine seems to be late june

An argentavis and argentinosaurus strike towers have been datamined, so i’m guessing they have something in argentina. Then albertosaurus makes scense for Canada day. And haast maximus would most likley be realased just before 4th of july if it would be a saturday raid


Any other new dinosaurs datamined?

I hope the aquatics will come soon… i really want the mosasaurus…

this will hardly happen, unless you wanted the game to become heavier and more divided, a guy already explained why this hasn’t happened yet

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Saturday Raid would be an absolutely TERRIBLE idea.

with 2 other leaked apexes going around, I think that may be a thing, since ludia has already put a raid on a tournament day