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When do you nerf Thoradolosaurus

Its so annoying that only the biggest Thoradolosaurus counts in arena…
Whats that for a match balancing? Thats so stupid…
Why do you nerf Erlidominus and Indoraptor the only opponents which can beat Thoradolosaurus?
Now both dinos need both dodges that they can destroy Thoradolosaurus…
Why do you nerf the HPs of Magnapyritator? Now you can distract Thor with Magna but he can kills the most magna with two krits…

Thanks Ludia that you destroy this great game :frowning:


Some very reasonable questions asked there.
Don’t hold your breath waiting for an answer though.


Dang that Thor is insane.


That’s a TERRIFYING Thoraldosaurus

I hate that Magna nerf too. It was supposed to counter Thor and Tryko every time, but now it loses to Tryko(at all times) and to Thor(if it crits twice). It’s failing to do the one thing it was supposed to do. It needs some health back.
I don’t want the chompers to get nerfed(though a slight damage nerf wouldn’t hurt), but their counters have to work properly.


Magna was nerfed because it was OP. It could stop everything. I would prefer it go back to its original 1.7 state.

I rather Ludia buff Diloracherius and Indoraptor.

Erlid still beats Thora under the circumstances it did in 1.7. Dodging both hits and rampaging.

If I am not wrong Diloracherius beats Thora head to head given the crit nerf.

Tryko’s DSR can kill Thora combined with counter.

Magna didn’t need that much of a nerf, now it loses to tryko when it was supposed to be a counter for it. Now and before it would lose to erlidom and yoshi, so the counters remain the same. Now it feels underpowered for the difficult to get and level unique that it is. #MakeMagnaGreatAgain


Actually, no… Before it could dodge just one of the two attacks and win. Now, if the DSI lands, it’s over even if it “dodges” the IC because of the 33% damage…


Thor as a dino is just fine. Its the boosts that make it obnoxious.

Before 1.7, Thor was great, but not game breaking, held back by its speed. Boosts (speed ones to be specific) is what turned it into the absolute God it is known to be today


Nerf boosts, that’s the only reason why that Thor is so powerful

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Honestly, the hp and attack ones arent too horrible. Its the speed ones that broke the game. I say make the speed ones only give +1 speed per rank up. That way the max speed of a dino could only be 10 more speed point higher than its regular. So thor would only be 119 instead of 159

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Rework instant charge into something that is not OP.


IC is not OP, Thors damage makes it OP.

I don’t have much issues with Thor tbh even over leveled and boosted. It’s when Thor is combined with DC. That’s when it shows a lot of flaws. Speed 150 should be speed 146 etc.

But without the rat it’s actually not that tough to take on. The rat comes in and kills its counters.

Thor has less damage than Trex.

The biggest differences between Thor and T rex is that it has 20% more crit chance and Instant Charge.

Instant charge is a better instant invincibility + instant distraction plus 1X damage, it can deal that damage to immune creatures, where the other 2 cannot. It also has 1 less cooldown than instant invincibility. Or you can compare it to immobilize - IC is just a direct upgrade which deals 1X damage. And you are saying it is not OP. You must have Thor, Allosino, Utahsino and Utahrinex on your team. That’s the only reason why people not complaining about it - because everyone is using one or several on their team and they either got used to it or just don’t want to change it.


Thor only has 10% more Crit than T-Rex. If IC is removed another move should be added. Now it only 1x damage. Without IC Thor is kinda meh against Distraction. It’s a Unique for God’s Sake. Damage wise Thor is 7th place.

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Sure. I have no intention to suggest a hard nerf for Thor. As I see it, Instant charge is the element that makes the whole Sino family that oppressive across all ranks. You can find one of them in nearly every single team.

Reworking / removing IC and give them sth else, (reduce a bit of their power) could allow more creatures to be used.


Only difference I like to add is change DSR to APR. If that happens there will be more counters to Thor.

Go and play friendlies with thor and you will realise how non-OP thor is and how it is not needing of another nerf. In comparison a tryko or dioraja in friendly can clean out a team no problem.

Thor isnt the issue boosts are. Thor is just a prime candidate for boosts but on it’s own it is no Superman…