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When do you think we’ll get the next update?

We’re nearly reaching the 4th week into this update
Do you think we’ll get release notes next week?
Or could we be waiting another month?

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Itll be easily early July before New release notes for anything minor, let alone another major one. I’d rather wait longer for an update and have it be well executed than wait less but have a rushed update


I think we will get news at the end of June/early July and I don’t think it will be like this update, maybe a couple of creatures and no balance changers.

Probably next week.

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Probably yes. During the second tournament round

I said this on another thread and looking at the datamine seems to be late june

Problably the 22nd or the 29th (not the patch notes, but the update)


There was both an argentavis and an argentinosaurus strike found, and assume they have something in argentina.
Now where it actualy makes scense, albertosaurus for canada day and haast maximus for 4th of july (though 4th of july is Sunday, while i’m expecting haastmax’s raid to be on Saturday, it’s kinda close but not realy, heck they might even extend the raid over both Sat and Sun spesificly for that but idk)

Also since the survey closed june 1st, about a month seems around the time they’d need to add at least 1 of those creatures (but thats pure speculation)

Anymore leaks?

The creatures are:


Tsintaomoth (most likley an actual elephant)
Megistocorus (suprising considering we have andrewtodon)

Haast maximus (which aperantly both the raid and the moveset of have been datamined)
Hydraboa (an existing raid was found (kinda confirming it as an apex) but not the moveset in the raid)

Also a bajadosaurus boss

Descriptions for them have also been found and the rough kit leaked as well (which was problably polled from the patch notes, which might mean they’ll come sooner then i thought)

3 of them seem to be the wildcard for some reason (mainly andrewtherium despite looking like a pure fierce)

Also hydraboa is cunning apreantly. Why? We’ll have 4 cunning 2 resilient and 1 fierce apex, makes 0 scense to make a resil class creature a cunning, if it’s just gonna get wrecked by the existing resilients and due to the lack of fierce in the endgame will lack anything to counter

Check the GP discord for more details they link it on like every article they write

Edit: alberto’s kit wasn’t found but a description was

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Cool i hope we get a new epic and common too . Also all hybrids from the survey

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Glad we’re getting a new proboscidean, bird of prey, and theropod.

I hope we get at least one more epic and a common compy flock. Perhaps even scorpius rex