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When do you want 1.7?

Not another “when is the update” thread but a light hearted poll …

  • As soon as possible, Anky, T-Rex and Sino, pah - keep em!
  • Next Monday, gimme that Anky, T-Rex and Sino!

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@Raven! :astonished: - I thought you hated the “fluffy trash”?

I do. But I need the Indominus Rex Stat boosts in my life :heart::heart_eyes:


1.7 changes many things. A bit more DNA not so much.

I am suspicious now a Ludia employee voted for next week. :roll_eyes:


Where is the not realy botherd option?


Yeah not to bothered either

Guys … one mod voted next week … I have a bad feeling about it … 1.7 may not even come this week …:.


OMG, pass me the source, it’s been 10 days since the notes of patch 1.7 was published, it’s too late

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Or he just wants that sweet Rex and Anky DNA


Ludia said this week so im betting on wednesday


I need it now!!!

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It will be fine. They would have said that it would be next week. Ludia are entitled to their own opinions

Mods using their official account represent Ludia, from a professional perspective tho.

Not really… @Ned is support and has stated he wont know when the patch goes live until we do… he voted from a player perspective.

Hey everyone, I’m just here to cast my vote…I really need Rex DNA. Sorry if it caused any confusions. :sweat_smile:


I don’t want to spread false conclusions.

But Ludia are a bit slow tweeting today.

Yeah. I’m lockwood estate and still have a level 16 Rex. Really need to get it to 20. It is quite a lot rarer now as well

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Mods are not developers… Just saying

Did you create the unique birds? You know it’s so hard to have them right? Please tell the devs to make them great in 1.8 :slight_smile:

Sorry didn’t mean devs, just couldn’t find the right word