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When Does Aquatic Lineup Become Important?

So I’m level 35 right now and I’ve seen players of similar level to me and their aquatic lineups, and it seems like mine is heavily underleveled. I just wanted to ask, how long do I have before my aquatic lineup actually matters? Right now aquatic events like Monsters of the Deep and On the Tides are catered to my lineup ferocity so they’re super easy, I’m fighting all super rare 10s and 20s. I don’t know when I’ll actually need to throw my aquatics into tournaments and stuff so I have no idea how much resources I should be committing to my aquatic lineup right now.

This is what I have. Assume they’re locked in market unless told otherwise:

1 unhatched Henodus (too strong for my lineup rn)
Suchodus 1
Kaiwhekea 10
Liopleurodon 10
Kronosaurus 10
Prognathodon 12, plus 5 more level 1s (unlocked)
3 Protostegas (unlocked)
1 Psephoderma (unlocked)
4 Trinacromerum 1s
2 Helicoprions (unlocked)
3 Dakosaurs (soon to be unlocked)
a few other random locked super rare 10s, I won’t even mention them

So if I really, really needed to, I can easily get tons of upgrades to my lineup at a moment’s notice. Plus with the Xiphactinus event this week, I’ll have access to two hybrids too. How much priority should I be putting on them? Because they’re kind of expensive…

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I would wait until you can comfortably finish in Dominator for a regular jurassic tournament. The problem is sometimes they give jurassic unlocks in aquatic tournaments, so you might miss out.

Your level is low enough that I don’t think you would be able to do much about it anyway. So, I would say don’t worry about it now. Maybe dedicate a week a month to hatching and evolving aquatics just to stay ready.


Like posted, your first goal is to be able to safely and consistently finish in Jurassic Dominator. This is the most common event for strong dinos.

After that, Aquatics or Ceno. :slight_smile:

That said, still hatch any “free” Ceno or Aquatics the game gives you. And 10K packs are better than 20K. If you don’t get Jurassic, still hatch and leave the VIP a L1.


Are you sure? Henodus level 1 is I think 400-500 ferocity higher than anything I have. Wouldn’t that mess up my aquatic events a lot?

Nah. It uses top 3, so only an increase of about 133.

Also, the cool down is really short at Level 1.

If you are really nervous about it, I guess you can leave it in your market until you get other Aquatic VIPs. Just try to be ready to hatch everything out of your market when you unlock the Trade Harbor for better trades.