When does Blue come out? I can not wait for it πŸ˜“


I know the videos on YouTube and the trailer, but does anyone know when Blue comes into play?


I’m really sorry to say @Gebhardt67, but your post doesn’t make any sense. I can understand you may not be a native English speaker, but would you have any friends or access to a translate, so you can get your point across, so the staff and other random people can answer your question?


Raptor blue from Jw, where did you saw that trailer, can it be the trailer off the movie and not the game Jw alive?


No it was featured on a video for the official release; go look for yourself. They were catching β€œblue” the epic raptor.


Luckily there are people who can read English and it doesn’t take much effort to understand the question. Actually turns out to be a fair point and from a β€œnon English speaker” who’d have thought it!


We dont need an epic raptor right now (or anymore raptors at all for that matter)players need time to build a base before releasing all the big hitters. Blue will most definitely be a money grab event. I hope im wrong



The hero off the movie, i saw the trailer, but not like that, srry for my first reaction.


Is that from the trailer or did you actually found her??? :scream:


Just a cropped screenshot from the trailer unfortunately. I’m not sure if she can be found in the wild yet - probably just in incubators for now (plus the upcoming event day).


Blue is projected to be released on Sunday for the final day of the event.


They originally had her in the new showcase lineup, and lots of people were able to get her from the special offer incubator. But the incubator was having a lot of bugs and they ended up pulling the event info down yesterday. However, today they progressed to the next dino that had been in the lineup, so Blue should in theory still show up on Sunday.




In the new event week on Sunday we get blue and on Saturday we get indoraptor


here; I took a pic of the event week but now the pic on the news page is gone


I just fought someone that had Blue, prob from the incubator for the weekly event