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When fusing DNA on hybrids aren't you supposed to get XP?

My son told me earlier this week that fusing DNA for hybrids results in an XP gain.
He even pointed out the small graphical “charge” that flew up to the upper left corner of the screen after a fusion.
That isn’t happening this afternoon.
Is fusing supposed to give XP or not?

not after you have reached level 20 as a player, no.

its not much. and i think it has to be a 30+ fuse.
but if you check your actual XP value in your profile before the fuse and after it should go up a little.

I’m only a level 10, and just hit a +60 DNA and I didn’t get anything.

That’s how I verified that I wasn’t getting any XP.
I think I’ll add this to Bug Reports.
I just wanted to verify that what he had told me was correct.

You get XP for the dinos dna you used to fuse not the amount you get out of it.
If you used common ingredients it is 1:1 ratio (whatever the dna cost to do 1 fuse is the XP you get so you add the values)
Rare ratio: 1:3
Epic: 1:10
Legendary: 1:30
Unique: 1:100

Any glitches can be refreshed by restarting the app and the XP will reflect correctly! Try it out on your next fuse

I have leveled off a legendary fusion, so yeah, you do get xp

I did restart the application, and the XP was the same.
I don’t appear to be getting any XP at all when I fuse.
I have posted this in Bug Reports and Ned suggested the same thing you just suggested.
(thanks for responding!)

That is a horrible bug indeed! May I ask what you are fusing? Sometimes I think it doesn’t go up but I was simply staring at the wrong digit lol. The 100 XP days are long gone…unless you’re fusing for Suchotator or one those low fuse requirements for 20 coins.

Just wait. It was always in a delay. Check back in an hour.