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When I accept raid invite, I have to re-log

Title basically says it all. When someone invites me to a raid, I click accept and it makes log in again and doesn’t take me to the raid. Any ideas?

It happens to me too.

At first I couldn’t even accept an invitation, but now it works now and again. :woozy_face:

They have said the Google play login will be fixed in a patch coming this week I think.

The main problem people are experiencing is that people are mass inviting and when someone goes through a long list of online players and invite them then people will end up getting lobby full messages.

We’ve found if we do one invite at a time and they join then invite the next we get no issues.

EDIT: The update just came out for Android, so should fix some of those problems.

Swift responses there guys, thank you!

I may be wrong, but inviting one person at a time to each slot seems to work.