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When I see dinos already foolishly boosted

I won’t say anything. They do what they want with their creatures. I won’t judge.



The best is when they lose to unboosted team. :grin:


Already faced some Thors with speed above tier 10… still loses to speedsters at tier 3 or 4


Thorafreak got Thora-nuked! Or should I say, Speed-DEMONitized!

I’ll see myself out


I’m glad I don’t face freaks with 2900 attack and 7300 HP anymore :raised_hands:


Not quite accurate since the game isn’t picking 1 from 8 its picking 4 from 8.

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I faced a Indoraptor with speed 160 today…not easy but not impossible

It’s actually pretty easy if you’re up for it, just not very smart to do it so soon in my opinion… that’s tier 16, so a total of 1600 speed boosts to Indo. It probably won’t leave much for the rest of the team.

LOL. Is this the new math everyone was complaining about? Now I understand.

Too funny!

Each creature has 50% chance of being selected to a Battle team.

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According to your math… If it was 12.5% we would see every creature only 12.5% of the time. That means if you play 8 matches you only get 1 dino each match… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thats some proper math you do there.


Never said it was 50%

But you’re assuming that ludia’s system picks each dino for a match one at a time from a diminishing pool when it could just take all 4 at a shot.

Or it could build 4 groups of 2 dinos where it picks one from each pair.

Or it could build 2 seperate teams of 4 and select what it thinks is the best match

Essentially we have no idea how the system selects the teams so you cant say what the % chance is.

So its 50%. It either gets selected or it doesnt.

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Yes! Id like to keep things practical and simple :smile:
But on a serious note… if you play 100 matches, were 4 dinos get selected each match, thats 400 dino selections in total. You have 8 dinos in the pool, so by average that means you draw each dino 50 times. Thats 50% isnt it?

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Those probabilities add, not average.

For a single creature, ignoring everything else, yes.

If the selection probability starts over for selecting the team one slot at a time.

Reality though is it’s 50%.

I got you beat there. Lol


There is a difference betwen probability depending on order or not. You chose what dino play = order is irelevant. Probability is 50%.

Someone posted a Thor with maximized speed. Honestly, that´s so not smart :joy: