When I see players still using The Rat


Only time I’ve lost to a rat team is once…and player used it ninja like at the end. The way Dracorat should be used…

For all the grief we give Ludia on here, have to give them props for an appropriate nerf to the rat. No more ridiculous swap in/swap out and can be lethal at the very end of a match.


I’ve actually been seeing quite a few more teams who have it. They use it pretty well too. Right when my Maxima, Indo, or Gemini has low enough health, goodbye. It’s a lot better than swap in Rampage.


well… for my battles perspective, the nerf was too much. the reason i see many people still using i don’t know exactly. maybe it’s working against some players, or maybe because it takes some time to abandon a high level dino (until have a substitute at enough level to replace).

but do you wanna know how many times i lost against a player who has dracoceratops in team since that nerf?

Z.E.R.O. = 0 (none).

in fact when a player uses a draco against me i today think “NICE! a guaranteed win now…” because that’s what happens.

honestly i used dracos since first dracorex2 swap-in damage release (1.5? 1.6?) and i was in draco local, so i leveled it before most peoples in arena, and then dracocera hybrid. and i mastered its use, and i consequently mastered how to counter it.

so, it’s quite easy for me today smash a draco-oriented team. :man_shrugging:

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They’re still a little annoying.


but it’s a lvl 28 draco, tier 2 health, 12 damage and 14 speed.

even stegodeus or paramoloch are irritating with these stats.

but one would never apply 28 boost tiers to an apex mid dino, except when there’s no substitute ready yet.

and some players who love specific dinos always wait for a rebuff. i.e. monomimus.

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Monostego is more annoying than the rat now because of the same swap in/out issue…but at least monostego’s swap-in damage isn’t ridiculous like Draco’s was.

I just had another battle with someone with The Rat on their team. Boosted with damage around T16 I believe (~2500 base). Wasted boosts IMO as they couldn’t get past the initial swap-in. With damage like that, it’s almost more optimal to bring in Draco normally and play the mind game with rampage move.

And of course this player also had a crutch Thor with 135 speed, 2700 base damage, etc. Easily dispatched player 3-1.

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What’s the rat again?

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Hey buddy your back :star_struck:. Long time no see

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Actually, that’s incorrect. The rat is still super useful as a backup for your stronger creatures and there’s still A LOT of people using it. I’m slowly trying to get rid of it, but I have to admit that my team is stronger if the rat is there. That goes to show how OP it was before…

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Parra is irritating. Period.

I do still face it all the time. People have definitely not stopped boosting this thing.

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Unfortunately I still face it from time to time but many use it’s swap in when my dino is still with full health (i.e K.O Rat)

People still find a way to cause a trifecta even with its proper nerf. It has happened to me a few times.

I am seeing more and more of them. Often boosted quite high but they are being used the way they are supposed to be. I still roll my eyes out of boredom but I know they aren’t the silly overpowered creature they used to be.


Unfortunately, some people can’t live without the rat. They always feel so unbelievably wonderful when they win a battle thanks to the rat and now Monostego too. I feel pity for them. LOL.

I also noticed that many Dracoceratops users also have Monostego and Phorusauara in their strike team… I won’t even comment on this!

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I guess it comes down to the amount of time and effort that they have put into it, that it becomes hard not to use it. At least until something better comes along and can be levelled up enough.

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But this only shows that some individuals want quick wins thanks to those broken dinos. I rather spend more time on grinding DNA to make end game dinos.

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I also like how Draco was not nerfed to the ground, but balanced in a relatively good way. The problem is, as with all balancing Ludia does, it takes AGES. How long was it broken, roughly a year? Are you counting how many months indo gen2 and christmas chicken are still broken now? I’d throw in Gemini as well but at least that one is nearly unobtainable. So yeah, people use the rat cause it’s situationally good without being totally OP. Personally I use it only in tournaments now.

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