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When I was noob

Everybody once was new to the game.
Everybody strongest dino was once was their lvl 20 majungasaurus

What was ur first rare dino?

This is just a thread to discuss th dinosairs u used when u were new and give tips to new players.

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Some good tips are there, you will find them btw.Tips: The Best Dinosaurs in JW:TG, by class

Mine was irritator

Pachycéphalosaure.besides, I have always kept it, it is at level 40.

Here it is, I kept it like that for 1 year.

2 DNA… ohh I am feeling lightheaded ohhh😖

I now have 3,401 DNA.

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Ok here’s a new question
What was ur second hybrid?
I am not saying first because it’s probably gonna me Alangasaurus for everyone
Btw hybrid by any sort of spin wheel,tourney,card packs etc not only by fusing them.

Also should I make level 40 Irrittor for diplotater I already have Nundasuchus and he is pretty good right now? Pls answer


You should make Diplotator. I haven’t gotten a second hybrid yet

Diplotator, Labyrinthosaurus and then Spinoraptor from Modded.

my second is Ophiacomimus​:grin::+1:

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There a boss event called ominous engagement (correct me if I am wrong). But I still did not know that omega 09 was engaged to some dinosaur. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I seriously did not know where to post it so I posted it here