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When invincibility doesn't mean invincible


My Ankylosaurus used its ‘Instant Invincibility’ to gain some breathing space but the opponent’s Baronyx proceeded to kill it anyway, bypassing the invincibility.

Upon closer inspection the Invincibilty is just a 100% shield, so any opponent that bypasses Shields will ignore it completely.

I think this has happened to me before but I assumed it was a bug in the game, this time I looked into it more closely and discovered what actually happened.

Just sharing this in case anyone else encounters it and wonders why their invincibility didn’t work.



Yeah, destroyed 100% shield a few times with my Pyroraptor. It’s fun. ^.^


Actually there’s two types of bypass armor.
The one with destroy shields can break your shield, another one cannot.


Yeah, it was the defense shattering rampage that they used - it destroys Shields completely - a strong move indeed.


Same with Indominus… :roll_eyes:


When somebody with braking shields is using this skill(or any other), there’s a message shown during the attack visualization.


Good to know Destroy Shields works against it XD

On a more serious note, I fought an Ankylosaurus with that invincibility, and my Dilophosaurus used it’s second move (the one that decreases attack). While no damage was done, the Anky’s attack still decreased, which I thought was interesting. Seems like it only protects against non-shield piercing moves, but the user still suffers the effects.


Of course, does not give Immunity. Effects and shield breaking moves are still working.


It was my first time facing that particular Anky. Didn’t really know what to expect.