When is 1.5 anyway?

i want the patch notes so i can reshape my team. where is it? anyone got any info

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:joy::joy: Ludia is on vacation

There has been 0 word that there even is a 1.5 in the works. The only 1.5 Ludia has confirmed is for their different Jurassic World game. Wouldn’t hold my breath for it

Buff tryko then we talk!


well, JWTG the game has been out for years. if it’s getting an update, it’s not 1.5… much higher number than that. google play says version is 1.27

anything 1.5 would seem right for JWA

I’m just gonna save this little tidbit for later… :smiley:

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I don’t know

I wager the patch everyone claims is coming won’t be until after next tournament.

But it would be good.

I’ll take that bet. Send me 1000 hard cash when i win, okay? :slight_smile:

You do realize since the worldwide release, Jurassic World Alive has gotten a significant update once every two months… and that’d put the next significant update at end of this month?

Maybe you don’t remember the 22 new dinosaurs we’ve had added over the last two patches, the changes to strike events, supply drops, treasure chests, flyers, tournaments, cheater protocol, …

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i am aware of all of that. not sure how it relates to anything i said though. maybe you replied to the wrong person :confused:

i’ll take bets that the update happens mid-tournament. might as well just pay up now.

They may be released with a very big update.

There is much to be expected.

1.4 promised

*Tank meta ending.
*SIA being important.
*Scents based on creature families.
*Monolometrodon, the FIRST be on the lookout for similar hybrids in future updates!

It feels more announced than completed. I think that’s why people are tapping their watch awaiting 1.5 because for all the change you could easily ignore 1.4


They have been on vacation since the launch of the game: they briefly came back for the 2nd week of the halloween event…and now they’re back at the caribean beach drinken cocktails with the money of the players ;-). Life’s good


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