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When is 1.7

its taking too long and im waiting for the new batlte system because i am annoyed with the amount of overleveled dinisauyrs


No one knows when it will be… Probley around another corner though.

You could have just scrolled down and see 100 more threads about same thing


Reminds me of this “good people are found in every corner of the Earth but unfortunately Earth is round”
Ludia’s update is in every corner :joy:


Ludia try to give the patch note in advance so that we can prepare for the new hybrids.
Please take this opportunity to do whatever you want (stocking DNA, saving coins, incubators etc.) and be patient guys! :roll_eyes:

I don’t mind about waiting. but I’d be great if they just announce that actual date soon.

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I believe they tried to install the update last night and faced a serious problem so that they hold it back.
I would rather give them as much time as they want and release as less bugs as possible than a hand full of annoying bugs release.

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DPG members can be patient or inpatient in the back seat of the car driving to 1.7 town. Won’t make any difference. I think we can all handle posting with passionate views.

But it would be nice if people kept to the patch note thread. Poor mods.

Happy… birthday… ?

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Ok gonna steer this discussion off-topic for a second to prevent trolling.

About the cakes- this is not the users birthday, it represents the day a user joined the forums.

Now back to your discussion.


You sure you still wanna read all the repeating posts about when 1.7 is coming lol…

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no, but I will start merging them :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s Thursday today and it wasn’t updated. It’s not advisable to update tomorrow right before the weekend, since any error/bug would leave us with the game down all weekend. Monday is a preparation day after the weekend… Tuesday the sooner, but probably later.

Thank you for the info


So basically Monday

We can hope but its not a gurantee… we got back up event dinos and strikes going live to occupy our time till the event their planning goes live with the patch.

Ie their has to be a chance it might not go live monday… otherwise theyd just push the update before new events starts and when game comes up the events start.

Wait I though Cenozoic event started on Monday

Happy Birthday :birthday::tada::confetti_ball::balloon::gift: @User1!! You rock, you crazy awesome Fin!! I hope it’s the best one yet!!


Ummm… it’s not birthday…