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When is a name not a name?

Since a discussion regarding IGN’s with supposedly incorrect overtones was shut down, I want to ask my fellow JWA players should Stegodeus be banned from the game - look up the meaning of this super hybrid’s name. How about Thoradolosaur? Or Echo - one of the Greek Nymphs in Greek Mythology? What about Megalogaia, Miragaia, Pteraquetzal, Quetzalcoatlus, Quetzorion, Titanoboa G1 and G2. This dinosaur names can be misconstrued similarly to the supposedly incorrect overtones. What do you think?


Give it up. Ludia doesn’t discuss stuff they don’t have a reasonable answer to.


Give up? I don’t think so but thanks for commenting! You’re awesome!!!

Dude dinosaur names are based of greek and latin roots. It would be unfair to criticize ludia for making a game with dinosaurs. Especially like Echo, titanoboa and all non hybrid dinos in which ludia can’t rename.


but, but, but the names contains references that can’t be written that pertains to higher beings…

I have enough forum experience to know when you can expect an answer that satisfies :slight_smile: when you open a new topic about something that just got closed you just provoke the mods and get closed down again, might even end up with a warning or a ban.


So are saying that you are having a whiny fit about that dinosaurs refer to “higher beings”. Dude chill down this a mobile game for Pete’s sake.


True, so you mean to tell me that what’s good for the goose is not good for the gander or we can’t be the pot calling the kettle…you know what!

Not a whiny fit just a dose of reality when the company can moderate an IGN because of ahem “religious reference”

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Dude, Ludia also won’t rename any dinos because that will be confusing to the player base. There are many hybrids that have similar names.

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I have no idea what that means lol.

dude, buddy…mods closed my other post…look for IGN moderated because of religious reference

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Just saying, if IGN’s can be moderated so can dinosaur names

i would say mythology of any kind is more or less in a grey area of that topic. there was acknowledgement and praise of those higher beings. Probably just covering their bases, tho i can agree it’s kind of dumb. some of those names sound cool.

Sucks that your name got moderated but I don’t think there’s much this forum can do for you. Ludia doesn’t even come here.

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Or forum user names, if they are biblically related.

My IGN is based off Japanese Mythology…enuff said

I know, and I think flagging it was a dumb idea, but this forum is essentially just a vent chat for community members where Ludia pretends they’re listening via the mod team. There’s really not much that can be done here about it other than earn a warning.


And I’m in agreement with you…Just venting…freedom of speech and all…

Not here :slight_smile:

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