When Is Amargasaurus In Supply Drops?


I can’t even tell anymore what the dino of the day is. Now there are multiple dinos of the day. In game it shows Nodosaurus as the 2nd to last dino of the day this week, but it’s at today’s supply drops…

Really only care about Amargasaurus this week, but I can’t tell when it’s going to be in supply drops.


I found several in a nearby park at around 3pm


All three rares for all three days. None are specific to a day now.


Amargasaurus, Nodosaurus and Argentinosaurus will be under event supply point in 3 days.
Each point will change event dino after 24 hrs.
(But not guaranteed changed to different one, just got 2/3 chance.)


I caught 8 Amargasaurus yesterday. It will also be available today and tomorrow.

Mon: all 3 Commons randomly
Tue: all 3 Commons randomly
Wed: all 3 Commons randomly

Thu: all 3 Rares randomly
Fri: all 3 Rares randomly
Sat: all 3 Rares randomly

Sun: the Epic


I really hate the randomness of this new format. It would have made more sense to stick with one dino per day and add the new dart format. Ensures you’re getting the dinos you want rather than letting the chances go to waste.


I don’t even get Dino in my supply drops, I’ve got at least 7 drops within 2mins walknof my house an I’ve never got DNA from any of them.