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When is dilouranosaurus getting nerfed?


When is dilouranosaurus getting nerfed?


Hopefully never! It just got a buff in its attack after a nerf!

Stop nerf requests please just because someone beats you with their dinosaurs!

We work our butts off to get them!


I’m sorry enough people whined after it was nerfed they un-nerfed it. Don’t complain about nerfed creatures then?


So now you want it nerfed again!

You know what! For everyone that request a nerf I want to take your most powerful dinosaurs that you spent months getting and nerf request them


I wouldn’t mind if my stegodeus got nerfed. Its too OP in the meta.


Perfect solution!

Nerf all of them! 1 move for each the same move!
Make them all the same health and attack!

Wait an even better solution! Remove battles from the game and make it a collection only game!

Sorry to be snarky so early in the morning ( well it is for me)
But I’m tired of people wanting to nerf my best dinosaurs that I worked hard to get!


Oh you don’t want it nerfed only because YOU have them? What about balancing the skillset of creatures. How about that.


Tbh I have to agree dilorano is ridiculous considering what it’s made out of :sweat_smile:


Don’t worry eventually enough will complain and like the raptor will get nerfed! And than they will balance and then people will complain about something else!


This is the same old discussion that has been going on as long as dinosaurs have existed! :joy:

Those that have it want it left alone those that don’t want it nerfed!

I remember certain individuals that wanted their Tragodistist left alone Wink :wink:!

Not you OP! Other individuals wink :wink: wink :wink::joy::joy:


Monostegotops is a class higher than monomimus and therefore should be reflected as such. Dilourano should be stronger than stegodeus but not to the insane amount it is currently.


Mine gets its butt kicked just as often as it kicks butt! When I bring it out it can’t take down a stegodeus!


diloronosaurus definitely needs a nerf… take a level 20 for example. pretty typical in arena 8, sometimes even higher. 1045 damage according to metahub

this is how the typical attack goes (add in the 50% damage reduction and stun that works basically every single time)… in 3 turns it’s doing over 5000 damage (minus any shield/armor) while you only get to hit it once. unless you have something like stegodeus with superiority strike/deceleration.


Given that Stegodeus is already very OP, the fact that dilourano who has 0 armor and no immunity can keep up with it is insane. Dilly can tank one sometimes even two creatures if they get their stun / dmg reduction cycle, plus severely damage the stegodeus.


my stegodeus is level 25. if dilo is level 18 or lower, it’s done with a superiority strike and armor piercing. 19 or higher is dealing with the above scenario.

stegodeus is really only OP because there are very few useful shattering rampage dinos. 2 of them being unique in indoraptor and trykosaurus. every once in a while you’ll see tryostronix or gorgosuchus, they can’t usually hang in arena 8.


We have to talk same level dinos though. Stegodeus vs dilo same level.


i kind of am. if dilo is 19 or above, it’s getting 3 hits.

highest dilo i’ve seen is 22 i think. it’s way easier to find nodosaurus, apatosaurus and stegosaurus than it is dilophosaurus and ouranosaurus, so i feel that stegodeus will usually be a few levels higher.


Uh, due to lack of many defense shattering dinos, tryostronix is a must in arena 8.


Ah… That must be why no one uses it. Guessing you aren’t in arena 8.


Bagoyee almost every battle in A8 I face tryo Lol