When is Dr.Vile coming back?

I really miss Dr.Vile, he was the best match I’ve had and genuinely enjoyed so far aside from River and William. He’s been offline for almost two years now!


I miss him too. We didn’t get to see much of the story

He’s one of several that are in need of a return

I miss him too, I really, really want to see him return. His story was so short and ended abruptly, not to mention I feel like I was punished for not spending gems on his route. Like I get he has trust issues, being a super villain and all, but still he accused the MC of some pretty heavy stuff then breaks it off with them without so much as a goodbye. (Well he does say goodbye, but you need to pay for it, which I couldn’t). Anyway, he really needs to make a return as he seems to be a highly sought-after and popular character. So here’s hoping that he eventually get’s the love he deserves.

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