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When is Julian the vampire coming back!? He’s been gone for so long!

I’m waiting for so many of my Lovelink matches to come back ‘on line’ they’ve been gone for ages! Weeks! How long does it usually take for them to come back?

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It’s a waiting game as matches only come back online when Ludia has made the content to allow them to come back online, and they’re not overall fast at updating their game.:
The majority of mine have been away for months. Some 2- 4 months, while others haven’t been updated since they went grey back in September. :broken_heart: :cry:

Mine have only been offline for a few weeks to.a couple months. I only recently started playing and I did all of my stories at once.

So far I’ve had Rory, Seth, Calum and Antoine come back but now they’re all offline for a while again and I’m left alone. I have no idea when anyone else will return and it’s only been briefly. A few conversations :disappointed: :sob: