When is Pachy going to become daily reward

It’s today right, has anybody got that as daily reward today

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Lol, big ol NOPE on that one too. Still looks like Ourano to me… :roll_eyes:



Says Ourano for tomorrow also. Someone forgot to flip a switch again!

Starts tomorrow due to Canada Day

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If that’s true that means I can get another 100 Ourano tomorrow, wooo!

So we are gonna get Pachy dna as some kind of a special treat ?
I have no words …

What are you talking about special treat?

So it means 100 more Ourano. That’s good.

To celebrate Canada day from what I read . And I was being sarcastic !

I thought it was sarcasm, but it didn’t make sense. Canada Day is today, hence why the change may not happen as it is a holiday in Canada. So the monthly change would be tomorrow instead, therefore Pachy would not be given as some kind of treat…

Ah I get you , I have no idea when Canada day is tbh as I’m from England so I guessed it was tomorrow .
Pachy is a rubbish Dino , so I’m happy that I won’t even need to bother doing the daily stuff for a month now :slight_smile:

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