When is the new upadte?

When is the new update?

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Woah there, slow down. We haven’t even got ceramagnus out yet, and it’s barley been a month…


Do we really need one already?


It must be after the ceramagnus raids

I think we don’t need one, but with the pace ludia is doing updates now it seems that we will soon. I think if we do, they shouldn’t really add anything new, but rather fix all the bugs in the game now.


When it happens it will be interesting to what gets nerfs & buffs, so the question is what’s going to be on it . I’m looking forward to any new raids.

I just want a stegosaur unique made from all dino ingredients.


I’m assuming it’s coming on December 1st. However like many people have been saying, we should always want quality over quantity in these updates. Having a little over a month between each update is simply too fast.

i think the new update is coming christmas and it is going to be a dog meta, possibly smilonemys and smilocephalus being the new thing cz theres a new dino on the jwa app store page that looks like a dog in the snow

I agree there probably will be dogs, but what brings you to believe they will be meta?


cuz they will be fierce and that might be the meta. we all know resilient is prob going to get nerfed, hopefully and that woud lead to someone else rising, posiibly even cunning

Has anyone been on the JWA wiki? The creature list shows new creatures for update 2.3. A new unique called Anguirus made with Ankyntro and Allosaurus Gen 2 dna. Also shows Dryosaurus, Therizinosaurus and a couple of others. Not sure how reliable it is??

Not at all reliable nor credible, anyone can edit it

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Yeah I thought as much. Be interesting to see the release notes, although I agree with some that the updates should focus on bugs, some that have existed for over a year, rather than lots more new creatures

Anguirus is a monster from the japanese Godzilla films, I don’t think that it will be added to the game.^^

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Oh ok I didn’t know that. Doubt that will happen at all then. All sorts of copyright issues I imagine plus it doesn’t make any sense

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I unique ceratopsian and orthinomimid too

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I want cunning Apex

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we still dont have a sauropod boss

Anyone remember back when we got updates once every 2-3 months?