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When is the next boss?

When is the next powerful boss? Because I am prepared to fight!

You mean like the goat? Or Lord Lythronax?
That’ll be in April…

April is already passed

And this is the reason people only celebrate 1 birthday. Right? RIGHT?

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Yeah, it was the last April to ever occur, and 2021 will never happen by the looks of it, you’re absolutely right :wink:

There could be more bosses tbh, not only April ones. Maybe one per season :thinking:

Maybe co-op battles will contain interesting bosses

They did say that we’ll be battling brand new super strong creatures…I’d say we are getting co-op bosses

Because I like to battle omega 09

That’s from jwtg. Maybe they’ll include it once co-op comes around

I just hope I get an ardentismaxima. Because I don’t have

Hope we could face Grimlock.

So that could be war!!! Every thing must be destroyed!!!


We can also face megatron

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Did it transform on dinosaur?


We can face dinobots:

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You do realise that this is changed to Jurassic World The Game.

I edited it 1 minute ago so it is jwtg @Erlikdom @DaWise_Weirdo @Tielenaar @Pirulass @Starlinger27.

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Eek! My screen is all black! How did you achieve this magic?

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The owner can edit his own post on the title. (Someone told me this) @Tielenaar

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