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When is the next Legendary Incubator?

Just bought that 50 dollar incubator and I am saving my cash for the Legendary Incubator, so I’m wondering when it’s gonna be available again?

You probably won’t see another one for awhile. Sorry.

Don’t use your HC on legendary incs, trust me it’s not worth blowing 5000 HC on a legendary, especially if it’s going to be something like Tragodistis.


I really want to buy the legendary incubator but not enough cash😭

Trust me the grind is better than the purchase.

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The only things that are worth the bucks are epic scents (or maybe the weekly rates but only if it’s an excellent week) and speeding up 3hr incs

Imagine spending your hard earned bucks just to get Dracorat and Nodopatitan

I dont have any legendaries so idk what the good ones or bads ones are lol, also they arent really hard earned

I don’t have legendaries and uniques!

Word of advice: don’t buy incubators. Buy epic scents. I can get around 8 epics on average from scents, and that is worth much more than an epic incubator. You could end up with something like stegodeus or gigaspike. Meanwhile, with epic scents, you can go to your zone of choice and then gather the epic dna you need. I would also save them for mammoth week, as all of it’s hybrids are top tier

Just keep grinding. When you get your first legendary you’ll start getting more legendarys. And what will you do if you get some ass legendary like nodopatotitan or rajakylo? Better to just grind. Short after I got my first legendary I got my second one, then my third and then My fourth.