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When is the next update expected?


Read so much about nerfing all the uniques, wondering when will be the next update to do the right fusing of level up…any idea?
Or any dinos will be buffed that can be level up now?


There will always be buff and nerf. New dinos, new metas…some could say just after an update you can maximize the time with a dino but they can still make a patch to correct a dino at anytime.
As a general rule the safer are the rarest (a unique is more likely to save its supremacy than a common…)

The only right time to level up a dino is when you need it. The rest is chitchat.


All that it’s speculation but if you look forward in the updates ludia it’s doing more frecuently, maybe between like a month or two.

My recomendation if you think there is a probably nerf/buff on dinos wait for January and save the coins and resources, or just lvl up the dinos that you need and you consider that wouldn’t take a nerf


Yes, exactly, not easy to get some of the dna and enough coins when trying to get to 20 then fuse for unique. Read some was so frustrated about putting so much effort yet will be nerfed soon.
At least up level for what’s good coming…


it’s been a month and 6 days without one.
I would guess around mid-end January.


JWA started on 23 may 2018. ~7months ago.
We got 5 “big” patches so far. (1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5)
Patch 1.5 is the newest and out for ~1month

Now we do some basic math (dont flame i keep rounding things :stuck_out_tongue:)

5 patches = 7months -1month
5P = 6M. /5
1P = 1,2M
1Patch every 1month and 1-2weeks
1Patch every ~45days

So last patch was mid/end november.

------> early/mid January should come somthing new or at least some new informations.

“All speculating, perhaps ludia left the game and we wont see anything new at all… FOREVER xD”


We should get it around mid january


A tournament is running for 10 more days so no update until it ends at least. That’s the only thing we can almost be sure about :joy:

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That and 11 more days until the “I didn’t get my rewards” posts… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Aha you’re right. I can’t wait :sweat_smile: