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When is the paladin available for everyone?

Just wondering the release date for the paladin.

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Nayeli is the Paladin. She was released a long time ago. Do you mean when is the Monk going to be released because that is the only class not available.

He meant without paying 50$ for her.

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Paladin will be made public beginning of November.

Monk also is not the only class unavailable. Druid for example.

Perhaps we will even get our own Psionics at some point

Oh yeah and Sorcerer. Not sure why I was thinking there are only 10 classes. And at this point seeing how hard it was to catch up Nayeli I’m not sure how they can roll out the other classes fluidly.

Oh didn’t recall that there was a price. Also since she will start out so far behind it takes a big investment to get her on par with your other heroes and I think they did a lot of Nayeli boosting stuff in the challenges which they would have to do again once they roll out a free version if players are going to have a chance to use her without significantly weakening their party.

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Many players will not actively attempt to level the Paladin. I plan to only use the Paladin when dungeon entrance requires the Paladin be included.

I don’t know if they have stated a specific date… everything I have seen simply says after October

Paladin’s only true use is in pvp, and only once you get her Legendary Neckpiece, Judgment of Tyr. It aoe debuff removal and removes buffs from opposing players.

Also to players wanting her, she is NOT a tank, she is a melee glass cannon, that is subpar to wizard.

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For the record everyone is subpar to the Wizard… The real question is she better than the Rogue who I see as the extreme of glass cannon in easy to kill does lots of damage.

I go back and forth on whether to include the Rogue. She can be the best option for dealing with the Fighter or Barbarian when they have counter-attack going but there is so much group damage in battle that even if I give her stealth she is usually dead before she can make a difference.

Still no paladin

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So? She seems to be a loser character.

I only want her because I can’t have her. November is here and I don’t think the devs have figured out the free release yet.
No announcement and I am guessing no plan.

I just finished my master dragon pack and my following quest involved the palladin:

It states that i need to finish this quest to recruit the hero.
I guess she is out, and that i’ll have her in 6-7 days


Ha! I literally came here to say the same thing!

Hey - I ain’t gonna complain! Gives me the big pack about three days earlier than I would have had it before!

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Thanks for the info.
I guess I will have to be more diligent in my quests… I’m still not leveling up to the next renown until I have her.

So I had a random free pack in there when I last logged it. Pretty cool. Then I just checked and yeah I am stuck with this stupid Nayeli too. Ay least it only costs 150 to get her so aí wonKt have to waste much time until I can get back to getting good packs again,