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When is the PvP trophy scoring going to be fixed?

I know that you’ve said that you are investigating other bugs, but the PvP trophy scoring has been broken for weeks now. I’m still getting just 10-15 trophies per win no matter the opponent - and 30-40 trophies deducted for losses. I got hit twice with 50 off today!

This is starting to be no longer fun. And when it’s no longer fun it’s time to quit. Please tell me when you plan to fix this, hopefully before I quit. Please.

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I’m sorry to hear that the experience is frustrating, Voiloidion. You can mention your specific situation to our support team by emailing them at with your support key included.

They’ll be happy to look into it further!

Happens to me too!

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The problem is sandbaggers that have strong toons but never climb leagues. So I could have 3500 trophies with my 15’s at 11k ish IPower fighting someone with 18’s and anywhere between 12k-15k iPower but 200 less trophies and if I win a tough battle I get 10 trophies plus any win streak but if I lose cause they have 200 less trophies I lose 50. The trophy system needs to take into account the iPower difference and not the Trophies. Or give a bonus of +10 or more for defeating someone with over 1k iPower than you…and not reward 50 to ppl that are lower trophies but much higher iPower…it only makes the sandbagging worse by rewarding them with trophies that they won’t even use to climb to next league…

Hi Voiloidion, we have added it to the bug list to investigate why seemingly when two players face each other sometimes a player will lose the max trophies even though they are evenly matched. There is currently no eta for when a fix will be ready. Apologies.

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