When is the so called hotfix?

WHEN will we see this hotfix?? When will we finally don’t see a bug anymore in this game?? First, a lot of people and I mean A LOT suggested a beta tester, but no, that didn’t happen and the developers are just giving updates with new bugs as always, I just don’t understand if they are that lazy to not have a beta tester or what?? Sometimes, I think that those bugs are kinda done on purpose, and we just got a bug about the scale search quest which should normally be of all colors today not only yellow as if it’s Friday today. And on top of that, and alongside the 253638288 bugs, we don’t get the rewards we used to get, Is ludia really thinking that they are giving a lot of free things as rewards? If that so, then the rewards they are giving us are literally nothing compared to how much money they are getting from the players of this game, as many people are saying, they are seeing us as money, like money walking not humans, also, if adding 9 energy to the duty chest, making level up 15 dragons and hatch 15 both became 12, then that is not helping! Because to me, you’re just doing that to calm down the players which won’t happen, we want our past rewards now, we don’t need any bugs, we are tired of them, they are just not any bugs that won’t effect your gameplay, they are bugs that WILL effect your gameplay and greatly, so don’t make the game more annoying, and give us our past REWARDS! If you are thinking that people will still keep playing then I’ll tell you this: hundreds of people already stopped playing the game just yesterday, so only one day after the update, so in one week, there will most likely be 0 players who will still be playing if you keep things like that, and did you just make things this terrible because you got enough money from your players?? You had enough of money?? you have tons of it now?? Why can’t you just ask the players about what might be good to be added to the game and what might not be. You did a survey before so we will give our suggestions and help you improve the game but I believe you didn’t even take a look at it after players put their suggestions and ideas and you just did that just to show that you care about your players but in fact you don’t, because now, you didn’t improve the game, you just completely destroyed it and ruined it, we want things to get Beck the way they were before the worst update, give us back our rewards!, if I turn out to be wrong and you really do care about your players( though that most likely isn’t true), then don’t blame me, but blame yourselves, because that’s what you are showing to me through your actions! Give us back our rewards now! It’s a MUST not a suggestion! We want it now! That’s just not my opinion it’s the WHOLE world’s opinion too, you gone too far and really exaggerated in those duties, despite all people complaining about the terrible things which are added you still didn’t make a difference with that so called change in duties, and you expected people to accept that before the update or what? You knew about it and did it on purpose, we want our past rewards NOW! Don’t make excuses and say that you have plans for the arena,and that it has the best rewards in the game, that’s what you said before clans were released, and look now, does it contain the best and the greatest rewards in the game now after that update?? Even if you say arena will have the best rewards you might give us another update after it’s released and we will get the worst rewards from it not the best, give us our previous rewards NOW!!


Completely agree with @itami, especially that it feels like dev‘s only trying to calm down and deescalate things by stepping back a bit. Main problem is, you didn‘t announce any changes in duties and chests so we feel betrayed - what you did by adding back some energy to chests (not the amount it was before) was no compromise but showed that you don‘t care what community is thinking and how it feels playing after the update. Plus Astrid‘s duty is bugged at the moment. Her duties were - together with Hiccups - my main income of keys for the chests. And I bet I‘m not alone with that.

And for the hotfixes: You could not have announced them worse. Everybody is relieved at first that you‘re taking action but if one reads carefully they must realize: in your list there is only one hotfix, namely adding energy back to the duty chest as reward, and the rest of the list are known issues that you are working on.

I‘m sorry but I must say: Astrid‘s duties worked fine before it can‘t be that hard to test your way through the changes that had been made with anything that has to do with these duties and find the bug. And if you‘re not able to do that, simply switch all duties back to the old ones (except from the newly added duties of course) until you get your rebalanced duties ready to be released without bugs. If you‘re fearing that people get too much energy from old duties just lower the amount of energy to 4 instead of 5, many of us don‘t care about such minor changes.
But at the moment everybody is massively lacking of energy by not completing the way too hard duties that are bugged and hard-earned chests containing not even close to enough energy to replace the missing energy from duties. Plus the board-freeze-bug (that was a main issue before that you didn‘t address in your „bug fixing update“) and fighting blind because of missing health bars (yay, new bug!) consume our short energy for useless tries. This isn‘t fun anymore.


I agree with you too, I used to open two chests a day before and now it took me one day to open one, and what they called “rebalanced duties and rewards of the chest” is nothing but nonsense, they call adding 9 energy rebalanced?? Making level up 15 dragons level up 12 dragons?? They call that rebalance really?? Nothing has been changed, give us our previous rewards until arena is out, just wake up already you are losing players, if that s really what you want then so be it, it’s a very easy thing to do, tens of millions of people can stop playing in one day, stop destroying the game!


They did all these terrible things just when we are in desperate need of them, we need a lot of energy to play in the stormfly event, bonestormer quest, skrill quest, scales quest, and today the sheep quest, how didn’t they take that into consideration?? How they removed the energy from the duty chest when we need it?? Why they removed the runes from the alpha chest when we need it to revive in the last stages of the bonestormer quest and stormfly event?? If they removed the energy from the duty chest they should have reduced the cost of energy or change the loading time of the energy, they are doing one thing and one thing only: destroying the game! Make the game like it was before before it’s too late!

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I vompletely agree with everything what you said. Please make it like it was before this horrible ,update".

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