When is the update? And when are we getting patch notes?

I’ve heard that the update is tomorrow but I kinda doubt it. If that’s the case we should be getting patch notes any time now. Idk.

Notes might be Friday with the release going live the following tuesday. But that’s just my guess.



I don’t remember at what time the 1.13 release notes came out the day before the update, but I think they did come out that Monday before it happened, it might be either today or next week


Most probally this will be a little update, could come out tomorrow

Ok cool. I think this is a bigger update but idk

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I think it’s actually a pretty big update. If that’s the case then it probably won’t be until next week

They would’ve announced patch notes already with a maintenance time. It’ll be next Tuesday, patch notes Friday.

Not a small update

I think little update becouse release the first teaser after 5 week 1.13

Judging by the leaks, this will be a creature focused update, so not 1.7 or 1.8 big, but not 1.12 levels of small

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who thinks these new creatures will be neat at first? :raising_hand_woman:
who thinks something will be exclusive? :raising_hand_woman:
And finally who thinks there will be something OP? :raising_hand_woman:

I say yay for a new update, but they’ve been more or less mediocre in terms of what they reveal and achieve. Last update was one of the better ones because all of the new introductions were global spawns. The alliance championship isn’t working out so far.


No patch notes friday, its holiday.

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I’ve seen the leaks tho and I think it’s a big boi

I hope so much they are not exclusive. But my hopes may be in vain…


Ah yes, labor day. next Monday it is then

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Doesn’t mean they won’t go up. Everyone is working from home remember.

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I just wish that we can get notes sooner than usual. That way, we can all talk and be Uber anxious together, lol. I like the idea of reading about the Notes and having more time to think about them before it drops.


What is the Holiday?

Labor/Labour day N.A. (North America, Except Mexico) is September

Checked now. International Labour day is 1st May, but US/Canada have it in September.

Need patch notes before tournament.


yeah North America is weird.

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