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When is Thor useful in the arena battles? Totally unreliable Thor


As wrote in the title, when is Thor useful in the arena (Aviary) battles?

At level 21, someone said it needed to be levelled up.
So, I levelled up but nothing different.

After that, asked again. But, said again Thor should be levelled up further…

Now, my Thor is level 29.
(As I liked the design of Thor, and most of all, I preferred Thor to Utarinex, I have levelled up even though she was not reliable.)

My Thor almost never helped my team. When critical hit was absolutely necessary, never happened.
When absolutely unnecessary, it happened.
Completely unreliable member in my team.

In addition, even when my opponent’s tany or StegoD critically hit my Thor, she kept calm. 5% chance happened but 40% kept calm.
And, opponent’s lower lever Thor killed my Thor many times with critical hits!!!
My opponents would know it.

Instead of stupid and meaningless 40% critical chance, please add 15 % armour like Allosino or increase healthy or damage.

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Yes players at the highest levels are running it because it isn’t working.

Not long ago I missed a few stuns with Dilorach so while we are at it lets buff him too.


Must be the unlucky one thor can tear through a whole team and not rely on crit to beat your oponent


well it really depends on your team :slight_smile: if you have damage reduction dinos in a battle you can deal with thor, but if not well you are doomed :smiley:


my thor just helped me on my last match. idk what you expect. not all matchups are great for him but his ic move comes in handy to setup alot. and it helps eradicate those pesky dracos too. lots of uses for him. maybe a better alternative is tenon.

basically same dino


Tenontorex is a more all rounder where thor is just brute force and if it goes on a good run if crits hit


You had to ask this right after my team was destroyed by Thora :wink:

Probably just bad RNG… it’ll turn.

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tenon is brute force aswell. same damage as thor.

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true, but the thing is that thor is “easier” nowadays to create and overlevel. I have tenontorex (lvl23) but always go up against higher level thor so that is my main problem :smiley:


You know that button on the far right is an INSTANT CHARGE, yeah?


thats the only issue, tenon harder to level

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Yh just that tenonto has ss distract and dsr but thor got sheild breakers and ic


Yh i had tenonto in my local but now he in parks i would be lucky to get him level 20

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same :smiley: just as I started working on tenontorex and collecting tenonto (L2) they moved her to parks


This thing hits like a truck! Is it getting debuffed into oblivion?


Haha yh we have jad such good dinos pass through l2 even had sino one point

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Hope not my highest leveled dino and still climbing maybe my first level 30


We didn’t do anything to Thor! :smiley:

I was asking OP if theirs was being affected by debuffs like Distracting Impact and etc…


i hope thats not a clue that it will be nerfed😢 and happy birthday?

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Oh haha my bad well thats good to know he aon’t gettong nerfed he is as he is intended. And happy birthday

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