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When it's 1 on 4 for example

Each side gets to attack back and forth like a tennis match, when in reality, each round, ALL characters should get to attack.

When my fighter is next to attack and my opponent’s mage kills said fighter, is it still my turn, nopers, why not?

It’s one way or the other…

If it goes your turn, my turn regardless of how many characters are on the battlefield, then should it not be my turn regardless if my fighter is killed. As he is scheduled to be next in line to attack, once he is killed, that opportunity should be passed to one of my remaining characters, I shouldn’t forfiet my turn.

It’s either one way or the other.


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I’ve had matches where 3 of my heroes died in a row before I had an action. I often dread the 3 on 1 and 4 on 1 scenarios when I have more heroes as invariably the “euro” aspect of the game shows in spades and my heroes miss constantly or do unusually low damage while my opponent procs and/or crits continuously.