When it's just 1 second left for you to get the AI option

And a player opponent is found.



And that player has a boosted Thor and a boosted rat just to rub salt in the wound :frowning:


Or worse; when it goes long enough for you to get the button for an AI battle but it doesnt work and you end up with a human opponent anyway. Way to get my hopes up ludia you *****.


Just goes to show how EXCITED we are to battle in the arena…


Oh that is the WORST.

I had that happen a few times. The excitement as the timer gets down under 10 seconds. My finger is ready to quickly hit that AI button and one second… whoosh to a real opponent. Then the huge let down disappointment sets in as I get ready for a Thor to hit me once and DC right after.

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I love it when that happens because it saves me 3-5 more minutes of waiting for a real fight. If people are afraid of boosted Thors, wait til you see my t-rex in a week or two…


Oh Lordy I’m actually terrified. That thing seems to be an absolute unit.

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I’ve had it actually hit zero… Found an opponent. I wanted to scream.

Ive had ONE AI battle since 1.8.

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Had this happen 3 times today!!!

Thankfully I won them all but still raged lol

Is that the mighty Brutus ive heard horror stories about?

Needs more boosts, because if I have heard of it, it means someone is surviving

“Dead men tell no tales” :stuck_out_tongue:

Were you the one who made that Rex video that was speed boosted when 1.7 went live? I loved that lol, CHOMP > DEAD haha

Nice work!


That’s what she said

Bruh no. Just no. That joke is worse than the rat.

Oh get this, at my local train station when you enter a elevator and press to go down, a female voice says “Going down” and I cant help but say out loud “Thats what she said” every time, even when im alone haha!

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I find it so funny how we’ve come to the point where we like fighting bots over actual players (myself included. Real matches are unbearable now)…

…you listening, Ludia?

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Haha yeah, that’s him. This is the most recent video from the last tournament. He has been boosted since then though.