When Ludia removed full Immunity, they made a bunch of other stuff possible

We can now have resistance and/or Immunity to Nullification, to swap-in damage, counter-attacks, basically anything, right? We could even have a creature that’s Immune to all damage (that wouldn’t necessarily be overpowered, you just need to give it the right passive).

Imagine if Poukandactylus or Erlidominus was Immune to Nullification. They would instantly become more viable.

Just throwing ideas out there, I think this could be cool if done right.


Correct me if I’m wrong… but in the beginning of the game (2+ years ago), weren’t any dinos with immunity also immune to nullification? And then they removed that relatively early for obvious reasons.

Anyway, I feel like some do need it, but at the same time, it would hurt the viability of nullifying dinos a lot. Especially things like Quetzorion, who’s goal in life is to counter those specific speedsters. And not to mention the cooldown of nullifying impact and rampage were recently nerfed to 2 turns.

Maybe there is a way to make it so they cannot be removed via resilient/definite moves, but still be nullified by full on nullifying moves. That would still increase their viability a lot against tanks.

Yes, in the early days Ankylocodon could only have its short defense removed by a defense shattering move. Not null.

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Yeah, you’re right. That’s where the idea came from.

Perhaps we could have the nullifying moves both nullify and bypass evasion, so even if it isn’t nullified the nullifier deals full damage.
Erlidominus would still be able to outspeed Quetzorion, and that would be a problem. Unless, nullifying counter also speeds up Quetzorion, in which case there wouldn’t be any issues. That would also help Quetzorion counter nitro Monolometrodons and Magnas and stuff.

Maybe. Like with Ankylocodon and Defense shattering.

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Also, Erlidom is perfectly fine. It has almost game breaking damage if it crits.
Don’t give it null immunity

Nah, it’s overkill. Too easy to telegraph. Rather than the 3x damage, it should keep the 2x but have full dodge capabilities and/or deceleration immunity in exchange. Right now it’s probably the riskiest glass cannon.

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Yeah I agree I think it should just get decel immunity again. Indominus has it so it would make sense, and shielding/armour tanks could still beat it

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I’ve seen plenty with over 6k+ health that smashed me for 9k+ damage on a cloaked crit.

If they introduce a creature immune to counter-attacks, I quit lol.


Immune to nullify? Oh please no, that would be a nightmare.

Depends on the other moves the dino has, but in general i would fully agree.

for me the problem today is we really have to study creatures before battling.

and even this way we can lost by this calc mess. some creatures we face in arena has so many stats now that 15 seconds are not enough to make a choice, and is easy to make a mistake. we have to memorize a lot of things. things that change each update anyway. that option to touch and hold at opponent creature is now only to double check something we can’t exactly remember.


some moves we really can’t calc results and have to rely on luck.

Ah I remember back when the game first came out. Back when this was why indominus rex and ankylocodon were op…so let’s never go back to that.

I mean, both everything and nothing are overpowered without context.

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