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When mortem is going to be fixed ? In 2023?

We are still waiting the first apex and supposed to be a super predator to be fixed since it has been randomly remixed two updates ago. Many people doesn’t use it any more cause it’s too buggy and too bad now, so they don’t Care.

But me I do, after raiding it during 10 months I would like to use it normally and getting it fixed. 4 months It’s broken !!!

So when ? Can you finally answer us @Ludia_Developers ?



I gave up asking weeks ago!

It’s appalling that we still have no answers, and the fact that Mortem was supposedly buffed as it wasn’t performing as well as it should have been (Ludia’s words) make it all the more frustrating that it’s supposed buff was infact a nerf as the roar only buffs for one move instead of the two it should do.


Whit cleanse would be kinda op, maybe add kind of an aler fierce cleansing rampage, after being at 50% cleanse, break shield and deal 2x damage ignoring armor stat whit a 2 cooldown


It’d honestly be better to just buff Mortem’s DoT resistance (and stun for that matter) to 100%.

Fierce creatures should not have Cleansing abilities because Distraction as a whole is their biggest weakness and it needs to stay that way.

Edit: It could also use an On Escape ability and health buff while we’re at it. It’s a good Apex as it is, but in the current meta it just needs a nice buff to keep up.


ludia’s to-do list:
health buff: 4500 → 4800
stun resistance: 75% → 100%
DoT resistance: 50% → 100%
fix roar ferocity


And switch mortems roar and rampage animations


You’re better off tagging @Ned or @E.D or someone specific. Ludia_Developers hasn’t been used in over 2 years:


I will see if I can get some updated information on this from our team! :mag:

Update: Hey everyone. Unfortunately, I have not been given me an ETA yet on a fix, but the animation is still being worked on by our team.


“too bad” i understand is a meta balancing issue, like with other creatures every update.
but what are these bugs?
i don’t have mortem, i thought it has just an animation bug (roar?), wasn’t it fixed?

DoT resistance shouldnt be 100%. 50% is perfectly fine honestly

Animation switch and the new move cleanse vulnerability as it’s 100% immune to it.
Mainly it should have received a buff like they said but instead it’s broken, and again more broken with all the uniques we have now. Fierce are suffering a lot lately.
Example it shouldn’t be OS by skoona in 1v1 first round


maybe with arctovasilas, they finally buff fierce.
only if someone other than idgt and half a dozen more player could fuse vasilas, lol.

No, the animation wasn’t fixed, Fierce Rampage and Roar still have the animations switched and Roar for some reason only buffs for one turn instead of two.
Also it’s not buffing before attacking, but after, which I don’t know if it was intended, but it’s horrible.


wow! :fearful:

this would really deserve a quick fix.

for the animations, i thought they fixed with the same update they fixed diloracheirus.
pity they didn’t.

and for the battle mechanics that’s terrible, because affects arena results and players competitiveness, it’s not just about visual.


Still not a word about it

Why ? Mortem is an Apex, it should be stronger and different from another unique Fierce like thor . Plus she needs on escape damage ! Every single time i play with mortem, my opponent Will just run away to SR gen 3, then she die in 2 turn without killing any opponent’s creature. She is become kind of a dead weight on my team although she ia fully boosted.


Not even kind of a dead weight, definitely a dead weight. Even a fully boosted level 30 can be replaced by a level 26 indotaurus without worsening your team.

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Mortem Rex is fine as it is, the issue is that there are many exchangers that don’t let fierce creatures be useful in some game circumstances, maybe on the beach the Mortem is not good, but in the Aviary and in the Library it is a good creature.

Hahaha please be serious, just a bit.


good thing it changing c: