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When people are so desperate

They have to make their rat faster than everything…

Most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen.


How is that even possible with the new system?

I truly hope you beat it

Nope. It was faster than anything I had, including my 142 spd Magna…

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That speed means it has low damage and hp though. So it could probably die to a rampage. My erlidom can 1 hit that thing, even if it takes 3390 damage (still survives with a bit of HP if draco doesn’t crit).Not sure what lvl that Draco is though, my erlidom’s 23.

Bet his speeders arent that speedy hehe. I see this as a tremedous waste of speed boosts but hey, to each his own! To be honest id rather see a speedy rat like that than the same speed on say … the usual Thor …


Nice speed. Would be a shame if some one instant rampaged. All that speed means nothing to phoru.
Total waste of speed boosts on their part imo.


It was lvl 29.

The two dinos I had left were low HP, so it just one shot them. :confused:

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Ah, then when my erlidom will be around that level it will have more hp left I guess, even if it won’t be that fast. My Spyx is faster than that rat though.
It’s annoying when ending up with 2 low HP critters vs draco even when it’s slow.


:joy: highlights joke of a system boosts are but I’d easily deal with that rat. Literally boosted its worst attribute.


It’s way faster than anything I have too Asta.
A perfect example of the way boosts have ruined the balance in the game.
And to use 17 speed boosts, or 34,000 green cash to boost its speed to that level is just madness.
Let’s just hope it gets a real nerf in the next patch.


When they don’t know how to play, that’s a good option. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Looks like a noob behind that rat. Only a noob would make such a stupid mistake by boosting a dino that gets selected very little for battle.

Yes, I ran across a 141 Thor not long ago in fact.

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Everytime i play against a RAT i take ages to make a move he will be waiting for my moves till the countdown reaches 1 sec. They want fast batlles with cheap broken RAT then they got what they deserve :fist_right::joy:


Pft, 141 Thor is slow compared to the 147s I keep seeing.


Right?! Someone, maybe you @Asta, had said they went up against that. I was happy the one I battled was only 141 at that point. And yeah, it still wiped the floor with my team…

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Those people want quick wins. but they have sunk speed into something that can be countered with something that doesn’t need t20 speed. t9-t10 for proceratho and erlidom/spyx. 0 for phoru if same level and t20ish in attack. (good luck with that.) 0 for Maxima as it has decel impact and would destroy it anyway.
I don’t see how maxing speed is the best option when there are enough counters that can be faster with “little” effort and give it a beating at that lowish health.


Probably was me. I see at least one a day. My magna can at least outrun a 141

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The people who crazily boosted the rat is gonna regret it when the rats inevitable unique comes.


Un-boosted Rat club!
(And that’s how it’s gunna stay :sweat_smile:)