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When pigs walk on water

Just for laughs.

Looks like pigs still cannot fly, but they sure can walk on water!


Now I’m just curious as to what country you live in. :joy::joy::joy:

Great picture!

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A while back I was visiting the Queen Mary and of course I had to check my map to see if I could find some dinosaurs.
There was a raptor standing on the water. It was kind of funny darting it because it was basically walking in the harbor. So apparently raptors also have this magical power. :laughing::wink:

In Singapore. But I think you can find these anamolies at sea shore, lakes etc.

Well, I was curious because of the island in the background. lol

Maybe that’s why we don’t have actual aquatic creatures.

Ludia consider raptors and pigs as “aquatic”. Lol.

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Not an island in the background. Same land as where I was standing. Just a water inlet.

Ah. Ok. Looks like an island from that angle. lol

I thought that was more meme than beleif, but point taken. I’m sorry people.

Basilisk lizard? More like Basilisk pig! :pig:


I’ve also heard pigs can see the wind, so they must just be very powerful creatures

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Hi fellow Singaporean! Pretty sure this is a leak for the aquatic update soon™️


Hopefully it is. :grin:

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