When rebalancing a dino, refund the boost

Dear ludia,

Every update there is dino balancing. Some get nerfed some get buffed.

I believe its the best that whenever you rebalance a creature you reset the boost for that dino only.
Its not our choice that you choose to rebuild it, so why we get punished?

When you are a ‘free to play’ player its hard getting boosts (As its should be).
We work hard on a team to be balanced, just to get youre rebalancing screw it all up.

Example: With youre buff priority on roar you totally changed the way its should be boosted. Not our choice, so you reset the boosts.

Point: if ludia change 1 thing on a dino, boost reset for that specific dino.

Ps. I did not had a boosted pho.



You abused the dino for a few patches.
You get rewards, ranks and easy strike towers.
You did an investment and you got rewarded for it.

We have tokens now. If we can get them 1 or 2 times a month, then it is enough.


I think that if Ludia makes negative changes to a creature (nerf), it should automatically return the stat increases (Boost) without penalizing the player.
And if the player by strategy wants to change his PvP team, he can use the tokens.
Also for minimum adjustments to a creature, Ludia should create mini tokens, that only remove one Boost and not all.

That’s my two cents.

never happening nor should it, they should just remove the boost mechanic completely

I have to disagree if this becomes a thing then people are free to abuse the power of a newly buffed Dino get easy wins and then get all their boosts back which just isn’t fair. I understand for some Dino’s that you may have already been using that then got boosted and nerfed sure a refund makes sense but too many would abuse this

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