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When receiving an incubator - let us choose on what dino



I think now if you receive an incubator, it automaticly is assigned to a certain dinosaur.

It would be better for us, if we are allowed to choose how much rare or epic we want to spend on what dinosaur…

So if i receive 50 epic dna, that i can select a dinosaur and choose how much i want to spend on it.
And can use the remaining on another dinosaur.


I feel the randomness makes it so the battle incubators are more a bonus and less of a crutch. The main part of the game is going out and hunting your own dinosaurs and then the battle dna is supposed to be an extra little reward and not a primary source. If you could pick and choose you’d be able to just unlock and level up the Dinos you have on your team and get them disporportionately strong really fast, and would make actually walking around catching stuff almost obsolete, which would take away from a huge chunk of what the game’s supposed to be.