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When Rexy comes, should she have a hybrid?

I have been wondering…

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Well all creatures get hybrids eventually . Even if rexy becomes legendary that wouldn’t be a problem since two hybrid uniques exist

Should Rexy get a hybrid?

  • Yes
  • No

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If yes, reply in comments!

Rexy would be a really lazy of an idea for the game, probably even lazier than the gen 2’s and 3’s


Why do you think would be lazy? In a game that has the named raptors and Bumpy, why shouldn’t we get the icon of the entire franchise added?


Nooooo! If Rexy was brought into game it should be in place of Mortem as the fierce apex!

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so we rex stronger than a rex godzilla😅

It works with Bumpy and the raptor squad because they have different colours and Bumpy even has a different model, just like the series/Movies. They look different, like gen 2s and 3s. It doesn’t work on something like rexy, because she is just a tyrannosaurus rex with (probably) some scars, she doesn’t have different colours, or skin patterns (like the trex gen 2 does). She doesn’t look any different from the original Tyrannosaurus rex. So, unlike the raptor squad and Bumpy, It would just be a trex with (maybe) a few missing teeth and some scars and that’s it. It’s just going to be a slight change to the original Tyrannosauru’s model and that’s it.

Also, Ludia has already milked WAY too much off camp cretaceous, there are litteraly 3 variants of Scorpius Rex, so I would not appreciate 3 variants of Tyrannosaurus either.

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So you don’t want one of the dinos to be made the most popular dino in the saga because he looks like the rex?

It’s not to make fun of me but there … It’s not really a good reason

Exactly, It would just be a rip off of The normal Trex

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I think it’s a good idea to add it because a lot but really a lot of people love it

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Just because Many people love it, doesn’t mean it’s not lazy. At least they could add someone like Buck and Doe from The Lost world, since they have different colours, meaning they look different and they are pretty underrated, so I believe it would be way cooler of them to add one of these 2 instead.

I agree with you sincerely if they put Rexy in the game, what would be the big change? … It is the same as the other tyrannosaurs I understand that they want to put it because it is the icon of the franchise but literally it would be the same design of the normal rex with a change of statistics and attacks

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Exactly, She doesn’t even have different colours, like the trex gen 2

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Still, It would just be a trex with different stats and a couple of scars and that’s it.

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I agree with the style because we took the style of rexy we put stripes and it’s good a rex gen 2

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so we should also removed para lux because it just has neon stripes right?