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When should you drop Tragodists from your team?

I am at 4300 trophies. Occasionally peak in Aviary for a couple of matches before getting kicked back. I’ve got a lvl 21 Tragodists and enough DNA to make it a lvl 22, however I am not sure if the DNA cost is worth it and how long should I stick with her, since there are so many great tank chompers at that trophy level.
She is my only real tank in the team though, Tryko is kinda both and and a tank buster. So I am not sure how to proceed.

If you only have her as a tank, I would suggest to keep her. However, it depends on your team and play style. I personally prefer to have some tanks to be able to handle those glass cannons. I have 2 tanks (tryko, stegod) and an off-tank (monostegotops). I planned to replace stegod with giga as soon as she can catch up the team level.

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That’s a sweet team you’ve got there. I see Spinotasuchus in so many end teams, yet in my experience, I had better overall success with Suchotator, as far as bleeders goes. His kit make her a great choice for first dino, compared to Spinotasuchus.

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I don’t think this is a good strategy. You should have committed to one of them, being stego always better than giga at the same job. Giga is bulky but you need more and more damage as you climb up the arenas and stego wins there.

The fact that you manage to use a Trago 21 in Lockwood is really something… I’m around that trophy range as well, and I usually see it at 24 or higher.

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I’m actually planning the same! Stegod is slowly falling behind on the team and I’m looking for a replacement. Only not so sure if it will really be Gigas, since many say tanks become less useful with time… I guess I’ll wait for the next update to see what I do…

There is always a situation that the opponent is dying and I have no other faster dino to finish them off. If only I have giga instead of stegod at that point, I will swith her to deal that last bit. I know that the rat is a better option but I prefer not to use her at all. In my opinion, giga sits in between stegod and tragod. She is faster and has more armor than stegod while having a stronger counter attack than tragod. She is the only one that can fulfill my use-case. Why I don’t use megalosuchus? Just because she lack armor to tank up some damage.

Theyre both off my team at this point which is sad because giga has been a staple for a long time. Giga is a bit more versatile and I often defeated same or even higher level stegods.

Yeah, if the update doesn’t give us something that I can go for, I’ll probably level up my Giga

I always prefer counter attacker in my team and really love Diorajasaur but her stats leave much to be desired. In additional, I can’t freely switch her in/out as I wish.

Never. Tragodistis is an amazing dinosaur.


Mine is in a race with Suchotator for my first level 30


Interesting you run Tragodistis instead is Stegodeus. They are well balanced dinos for legendary status. My Stegodeus will go 29 soon enough but my Tragodistis is flashing for 28 but I do t wanna spend the coins I’ll need later for something else.

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We need to know what else you have. Post a screen shot of your strike team. Tbh - a 21-22 tragodisitis in your arena isn’t going to be that helpful. Maybe 23-24.

I used to have both on my team, but in the current meta Stegodeus is not as good as Tragodistis who is faster and has better moves. She’s the green chicken’s greatest nightmare!

So I’ve stopped investing in my Stego (saving the DNA for my other supertank, Monostegotops). But I see many high ranked teams with only Stegodeus. Nothing wrong with either!


Yeah I think they have balanced them nicely.
Do you start with Invincibility against Green Chicken?

wrong about giga. stegod doesnt give much more damage either. giga is a counter attacker. owns stegod. and is a great counter to draco. plus its quicker then stegod.

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tragod is a great dino used on top ranked teams so to answer your question op, either commit now or drop it.


It depends? May need to use s/s first to cleanse the green chicken’s distraction and slow it. Many times Trago takes it down, but not always- it’s very OP… (Ludia, please nerf!)

Make Suchotator win the race :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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